Willow Pathway Mission Statement

At St Nicholas School, we work together to support student’s learning most effectively. By providing each individual with an appropriate amount of support required, we can promote and work towards an achievable level of independence. By delivering a flexible semi-formal and informal curriculum, students within the Willow pathway will develop a sense of curiosity and enquiry in the world around them, becoming successful and confident learners. Learning environments on the main school site and others are tailored to individual learners needs to give all the opportunity to be emotionally resilient, engaged and valued.


Our semi-formal Willow Pathway caters for students needing flexibility in their curriculum using teaching strategies from Oak and Informal Willow pathways. These students will have acquired some pre-requisites that are needed for extended learning and their curriculum aims to develop these further whilst also engaging with some subject specific content (e.g. English, Maths etc.).


Our Informal Willow Pathway delivers a unique and personalised curriculum for students to develop their social communication and emotional regulation skills. Activities are tailored to encourage students to develop the pre-requisites for learning including joint attention, engagement and participation, early communication, mutual regulation and self regulation. The curriculum is delivered in a total communication and highly structured environment with room for personalised flexibility with routines to meet the needs of these students. Due to the nature of this curriculum, content is taught cross-curricular through highly motivating activities; including curriculum and multisensory.

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