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Solihull have released a new course Understanding your child with additional needs. It is a substantial course, similar to Understanding your child but it has been rewritten for parents of children with additional needs. 
Solihull have created a Feedback Widget for each Unit and would welcome any feedback especially as this is a new course.   

Information for parents

This online course is for parents with a child with additional needs. It is for parents, relatives and friends of children who may have a physical or learning disability or who may have autistic traits. In the UK, you may be within the SEND (Special educational needs and disability) system. Some parents describe their child as differently abled, or neuroatypical.
This course is in two sections. 
•    Level 1 lays the foundation for understanding your child 
•    Level 2 looks at some particular aspects of parenting: sleeping and anger management, together with more about how we interact with each other. 

Understanding this can make it easier to work with your child's behaviour as well as supporting their development. Once you finish Level 1 you can progress to Level 2 if you'd like to. You can print off a certificate at the end of the course as well as one at the end of Level 1.
 All courses are available here:
Access code: INVICTA

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