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The Move Programme is a philosophy, a way of life for disabled children, and disabled people with complex needs; providing the personalised care and support they need to gain functional mobility, and increased independence
Put simply, the Move Programme is a practice put in place so disabled children and disabled people with complex needs are supported to gain the physical and communication skills they need in order to:
•    SIT to eat, participate in activities, education and eventual employment
•    STAND to increase strength, mobility and flexibility
•    WALK to participate in play or complete tasks, with and without support
•    TRANSITION from bed to chair or sitting to standing.
At St Nicholas; students who have a MOVE programme in place will practise their individual tasks and targets daily. However we also have bespoke weekly MOVE sessions; where we work in collaboration with our Physio’s, OTs and SaLTs to deliver topic based sessions that encourage the students to practise and show off their skills. Examples of themes this year will include: Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe. 


Terms 1 – 3


Narnia the lion witch and the wardrobe

During this term the students will enjoy a range of activities through the story of Narnia. They will travel on a sensory journey to Narnia. In Narnia they will experience the magical woods by stepping through the enchanted wardrobe through the thick fur coats. The white witch has cast a spell on the land to make it forever winter. They will encounter the cold winter through snow and ice exploration. Students will find Aslan the lion to set Narnia free and bring back spring. They will explore story boards with different textures and knock down the witch. Students will listen to spring sounds and experience springtime with flowers, butterflies and birds. 


MOVE 2021







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