All of the children who come to St. Nicholas School have special educational needs. All will have an Education and Health Care Plan, which identifies the child’s needs and describes the appropriate provision to meet those needs.Admissions are organised through a referral procedure co-ordinated by the Local Education Authority.

Most children will be seen and assessed by a range of professionals who will contribute to the Education and Health Care Plan.  Many of the children who are admitted to the school come from either the Mary Sheridan Unit or other pre-school provision. The Mary Sheridan (SEN Pre-School) Unit has since September 2006, come under the management responsibilitiy of St. Nicholas School.  The Headteacher is in constant communication with all relevant bodies and is therefore able to plan accordingly for admissions.

As soon as parents are aware that St. Nicholas might be an appropriate school, or a possible option, they are encouraged to make an appointment to meet the Headteacher and staff and to see the school in action.

Kent County Council Admissions information

The admission of children with Statements of SEN to schools is a matter for the LA who has statutory responsibility for arranging their provision.   There are admissions criteria for each special school that are applied in order to determine if a particular special school would be a suitable placement.  A link to the admissions criteria for Kent special schools can be found below:


Admission Criteria 


The named officer in the relevant Area Education Office explains the arrangements for admission to parents and carers as part of the statutory assessment process or as part of any school transition process but further advice is available directly from the Area Offices:  


East Kent:  03000 421160 or 03000 421733

West Kent:  03000 420997 or 03000 414693

South Kent: 03000 420889 or 03000 415098

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