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St Nicholas School - Curriculum Pathways

The curriculum at St Nicholas School includes all learning experiences we plan for our pupils throughout their day.

Our curriculum is designed to engage our learners in the development of key skills that are functional and equip pupils for life beyond school. There is an ongoing focus on communication skills, physical skills, emotional resilience, personal safety and independence skills.

The curriculum is balanced and broadly based and promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils at the school and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 

Our curriculum is personalised to the needs of each pupil and is structured so that it provides three distinct pathways for children through the school and into adulthood. These pathways differentiate between the levels of independence the learner is working towards achieving.

·Students on the Cedar pathway are making choices, expressing feelings and exploring their environment with adult support.   The curriculum enables students to build positive relationships with others and develop early communication skills, with a sensory based approach.  Students are supported to develop and maintain their mobility skills to promote personal independence.

·Students on the Willow pathway are developing their communication, self-regulation  and self-learning skills with adult support. This curriculum is carefully structured  with a variety of approaches used to support access to learning to develop functional independence in their immediate environment and wider community.

·Students on the Oak pathway are working towards achieving optimal independence in their lives.  This subject based pathway is organised around the National Curriculum areas, which are modified to meet student’s learning needs.  Students’ independence is promoted in all areas of academic and practical learning.

There is flexibility for pupils to experience opportunities from more than one pathway dependent on individual needs.

Our curriculum addresses the whole child and ensures therapeutic approaches combine with teaching strategies to support wellbeing and achievement. Social skills, team work and problem solving strategies are encouraged and there are opportunities to develop creatively through the expressive arts including music, art, drama and dance.  We offer a wide range of sports and leisure activities.  Learning is practical and utilises the wider environment of the school and the community.

Each child’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) contains the outcomes and targets towards which the learner is working and curriculum activities are planned accordingly. Progress through the curriculum is gauged by the achievement of the targets and outcomes in the EHCP. These are co-constructed in the review meetings with the learner, their family, the class teacher and other professionals involved in the plan. 

St Nicholas School offers a personalised curriculum for every pupil, supporting them to achieve their full potential in preparation for adulthood.


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