During Term 1 and 2 2020 both School and EY LIFT will be held virtually.  You will be sent an invite if you have referred a pupil or have an agenda item.  Your attendance at LIFT is valued and provides excellent school to school support.  You can attend LIFT even if you do not have a pupil on the agenda.  Just request an invite. 

In this section you can find information about Early Years Lift (EYLIFT) and School Lift, including LIFT request and parental consent forms.  
In LIFT Information Share documents you can find a selection of commonly requested information and documents that you may find useful.

Extra Lift Dates:

HV/SLT/CAC Updates Tuesday 26 January
Identi-Play Monday 29 March 
Transition Event Tuesday 18 May
Supporting Attention Presentation Monday 13 July

LIFT Schedule

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