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Our aim in Temple Class is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that reflects the student’s age and stage in their educational journey. The students in Temple class follow the Willow Pathway. Within the Willow pathway, the curriculum content is delivered to provide a rich and purposeful content which highlights the bigger picture for the learning and enables learners to practice and embed learned skills functionally. This approach to delivering the curriculum guarantees that personalized learning is manufactured in an all-inclusive structure. Optimum learning for pupils following the Willow pathway occurs when the learning opportunities are related to their own practical experiences. In Temple Class we provide not only relevant topic-based learning, but also practical and functional experiences that will allow pupils to generalize the knowledge and skills learned at St. Nicholas School. At this stage, we begin to focus on preparing our pupils for the future by equipping them with the tools required for a successful transition into adulthood. Our ultimate goal in Temple Class is to provide an engaging, highly motivating, and bespoke education for learners by creating meaningful and enticing learning opportunities that foster independence, confidence, and resilience which can be generalized to the world around them.


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Temple class has had an incredible start to the 2023-2024 school year! In terms 1 and 2 our key topic is honesty. We will be reading The Crucible in English, and we will be continuing our phonics lessons in reading. We will also be learning about elements and compounds in our science sessions and learning about self-esteem in PSHE.


We will have P.E enrichment every Tuesday afternoon, so if students would like to bring a P.E kit to change into then they can. Additionally, we will have swimming Thursday afternoons in term 2 at Kingsmead, so please send your child with a swim kit.


The timetable as well as our key learning topics are posted in our Class Documents section. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.


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