The Move Programme is a philosophy, a way of life for disabled children, and disabled people with complex needs; providing the personalised care and support they need to gain functional mobility, and increased independence.


During this term the students will enjoy a range of activities through exploration. They experience being at the circus. They will listen to music and make sounds using objects and voices. They will participate in varied activities to support, encourage and motivate to practice their skills.

These tasks have encouraged students to practise several functional skills such as developing their hand and eye coordination, practising and developing their sitting skills, transition skills to and from the floor, and some students have practised their standing and walking too. Students have also been encouraged to practise and develop their communication skills making choices about what activities they want to do. We have seen some excellent progress.


We will be holding a non-uniform day in aid of the MOVE Charity on Tuesday 14th May.  Donations will be £1.