Welcome to Kahlo class  

This is Kahlo class. Kahlo class is a part of the Willow pathway. Within the Willow pathway, the curriculum is delivered to provide a rich and purposeful content which highlights the bigger picture for the learning and enables learners to practice and embed learned skills functionally. This approach to delivering the curriculum guarantees that personalised learning is manufactured in an all-inclusive structure. We offer students the opportunity to build on existing skills, whilst developing their subject specific knowledge. 

Curriculum Information  

Our topic this term is My Life and Important People. Over the next two terms we will be exploring this topic. Please see the Kahlo class topic web for further information and additional home learning ideas.  

Home Learning   

Home learning project - This term, Amy would like you to create a fact file about your favourite people. 
You can create your fact file by writing key information, or by practising your typing and mouse control on the computer. Once you have finished your fact file please bring it into school, or email it to Amy, and we can share it with your friends!  

Reading - students change their leisure and reading books every Friday during our library session. We invite parents to explore these books with your child for around five minutes each day. 

Spellings - please see the class topic web for the updated phonics families for terms 1 and 2. Check your child’s spellings book for weekly practice.  

Mathematics home learning - this will be set every Friday. 

If your child would like to complete some additional enriching activities, please see the following websites:  

Top Marks
Primary Resources

​​​Snappy Maths
ICT Games
Phonics Play

Discovery Education 

Class Documents

Timetable for Term 2.

Topic Web for Terms 1 and 2. 

Class Trip Letters

We are very excited to be going to the Marlowe Theatre to watch the Aladdin pantomime at the end of November!

Kahlo Class Photos 

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