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About Us

We're a lively and highly structured class that offers a range of techniques and practices to support each child's uniqueness.

Our learning is structured around the Beech Pathway. This delivers a unique and personalised curriculum to develop social communication and emotional regulation skills. Activities are tailored to encourage and develop the pre-requisites for learning including joint attention, engagement and participation, communication, mutual regulation and self-regulation. This curriculum is delivered in a highly structured environment with room for personalised flexibility within routines to meet a range of needs. Due to the nature of this curriculum, content is taught cross-curricular through highly motivating activities; including curriculum and multisensory.


Term 2 Timetable

Monday 30th October - Staff Development Day

Tuesday 31st October 2023 - Friday 15th December 2023 at 2pm

Term 2 Focus

English - Writing
Pupils will be developing their writing skills this term, through activities that will improve their fine motor ability and pencil grip. These activities range from mark making, tracing or copying their name, following writing paths and more.

Maths - Money
Pupils will be supporting their understanding of money through a multitude of activities, including,  exchanging of currency, adding to a given amount, being able to identify coins by their colour and size and more.

These sessions will provide a choice of engaging activities for pupils to opt-in to. These low-demand sessions are designed to support interaction between peers and encourage their exploration.

Hello/Good Afternoon
Pupils will say hello/good afternoon, share how they are feeling, identify their feelings on our 'Zone of Regulation' boards, identify the day, the weather, go through the timetable for the day, listen to the phonics sounds of the week, practice their turn taking and encourage friendships.

Bucket is a learning approach that aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication skills in children through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities.

Forest School
Pupils will be venturing out into the forest this term! This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to explore their surroundings and take part in exciting activities that will develop their interaction with their peers.
Please bring:

  • Snack and drink.
  • Appropriate clothes and footwear (they will get dirty).
  • A change of clothes (we can keep in class).

P.E. Enrichment
Pupils will be able to choose their P.E. activity for the term. This will not only support their physical fitness but also their transitioning, meeting new friends and interaction with other pupils.


How We Learn

In Webster Class, we follow the TEACCH cycle (in Maths & English).

This structured approach aims to:

  • Build independence.
  • Allow pupils to interact and communicate with peers.
  • Retain attention throughout the lesson.
  • Teach key functional skills.
  • Increase predictability.


The class are split into 3 groups who will cycle round the classroom, spending equal amounts of time at each area.

Group Table
This is where main learning takes place, the teacher and TAs will support pupils with achieving the objective of the lesson.

Pupils will have short independent tasks pitched at their ability. 

A brain break for pupils, with an opportunity for them to relax, explore or initiate play amongst a variety of resources.



Important Information

Please, could all iPads and other technology be packed away into bags before entering the class.
There are a range of school iPads, laptops and interactive sessions on the whiteboard available throughout the week.

If your child drinks juice/squash, please could you bring a bottle in every couple of weeks.

Swimming Kits
Please bring swimming kits in, on the day of your child’s swimming day. We do have spares but may not be available to certain sizes.

Key Essentials
Snack, spare clothes (including shoes), waterproofs, wellies and a PE kit.

EviSense - Home
You will be able to track your child's progress through the use of photos and videos (once consent is given), using the online tool EviSense.
If you do not have login details, please contact a member of Webster Class.



Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Mark Sayer
Webster Class Teacher
01227 464316




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