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Class Introduction 

We are a KS3 class and we follow the SHINE curriculum, within the Cedar Pathway. In Packham Class; our focus is to develop our skills through communication and attention, physical development, social emotional and wellbeing, and cognition learning and we do this best by exploring a variety of multi-sensory experiences. We love taking part in activities including cooking, messy play, hydro pool, art and Attention Autism (bucket) each week.   

News updates 

We have had a fantastic start of the year in Packham class with lots of communication and wellbeing activities. Everyone has settled in well and enjoying the sessions. In maths we have been looking at shapes, have especially liked listening to our shape song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElQoMOCJw8w) and in term 2 will be looking at pattens. The class have also enjoyed the English session where we have been learning about vocabulary related to food and some of us have started to read shopping list. Throughout the week we also have enjoyed music lessons, swimming and the class have loved PE enrichment where we all join different PE clubs and socialise with peers across the secondary department!

Class Topic Web

Term 1 and 2 Focus


We like to listen to MR tumble alphabet which supports our phonics and signing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMog84sQp3o).

Over the 2 terms we are looking at learning and developing understanding of food related objects. Activities to support this are exploring food with all our senses, information word carrying and reading shopping list with visual support. Next term ww will also witting our own letters to Father Christmas with visual supports and carrying on listening to all out lovely stories.

To support reading we have time every day to look through and listen to books of our choose. Working with an adult one to one we also enjoy early reading books matching symbols to pictures to show our understanding.

Maths - Number

Pupils are developing their understanding of shapes and using them to complete puzzles. In term 2 we will be looking at pattern seeing if we can make our own and complete a given patten.


We have started our sound of intent programme where are developing our skills in reacting to sound and creating beats.

Hello/Good Afternoon

Pupils will say hello/good afternoon, share how they are feeling, identify their feelings on our 'Zone of Regulation' boards, identify the day, the weather, go through the timetable for the day and dance to a wake up shake up song!


Bucket is a learning approach that aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication skills in children through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities.


Pupils will have the opportunity to spend an entire term in the hydrotherapy pool. The class teacher will let you know if it's your child's swimming term. Students that our not swimming this term will take part in other PE activities such as rebound.

P.E. Enrichment

Pupils will be able to choose with adult support their P.E. activity to up to Christmas. This will not only support their physical fitness but also their transitioning, meeting new friends and interaction with other pupils.

World studies

Each week we look at a different celebration and create an amazing piece of art using our commutation aids. We will be looking a wide range including recycling week, Diwali and Christmas.


Communication is key part of everything we do in Packham class and is part of every moment of our day. All our students take part in intense interaction as well as individualised communication support sessions including using PEC, communication boards and developing speech sounds.

If you would like to know more about anything above or have any questions please contact me (Polly) at p.jennings@stns.org.uk.

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