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Class teacher: Caroline Bennett


Wonder Class is a mixed aged class for students in KS4 and KS5 (14-19 years old) who are following the SHINE curriculum within the Cedar Pathway. This class is based on our main school site at St Nicholas to enable access to therapeutic input such as hydrotherapy, Active Ed etc and where facilities are more suitable to their need.

We take a sensory based approach to our learning which is focused on covering the four main SHINE curriculum areas: Communication and Interaction, Knowledge and Understanding, Wellbeing and Physical and Sensory.

Each student in Wonder class has an Engagement Profile which tells us how they learn best. Student engagement is assessed through regularly observing how they demonstrate Exploration, Realisation, Anticipation, Persistence and Initiation within motivating activities.

Students within Wonder Class are accessing the OCR Life and Living skills curriculum which includes; MOVE, Communication, Active Education, hydrotherapy, rebound, shine sessions, personal skills and their environment and access within the community and The World (including mini enterprise projects and forest school). Credits for all modules will be awarded to students from OCR which can grow and accumulate. 

Each student also has a set of EHCP outcomes which they are supported to work towards over a key stage. These outcomes are broken down into smaller short-term targets which are regularly assessed at the end of two terms.

Wonder Class respond very well to a structured classroom environment, the use of visual supports and the implementation of objects of reference, support their independence and learning.

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