The 6th form consists of 5 teachers; Carrie the 14-19 Lead for St Nicholas & the Head of Sixth Form, Lee, Karl, Keri, Gary. Our groups here are streamed into Entry Level groups to try to ensure that we are setting the challenge for academic achievement at the correct level. However, we have a range of ‘option’ based sessions which students choose from and these groups are of mixed ability depending on individual interest and choice.

Catherine is the teacher of Wonder Class, based up at the main school.  Wonder Class is for students aged 14-19 who require the additional support of the school nurse and other facilities and resources within the school that the sixth form can not offer e.g. the hydro pool, sensory room and P&S room.

Kelly will be our KS4 & KS5 Forest Schools lead offering students experiences at Ross Woods throughout the week. The ethos of Forest Schools is to allow students the time and space to develop skills, interest and understanding through a range of activities which provide practical, hands-on experiences in a natural environment.

We remain a part of St Nicholas school, and therefore continue to work alongside the therapy team including the Physios, OT’s, SaLT’s, VI and HI specialists. Students are able to continue any therapeutic programmes they are accessing such as Counselling, play therapy, art therapy, music therapy etc. We will continue to work with and support any Social services, CAMHS, Ed Psych’s or any other professionals involved with your young person and are happy to facilitate meetings onsite. 

6th Form Teachers

Carrie Myhill

14-19 Lead & Head of Sixth Form

Kate Davies

Class Teacher
Form 1

Lee Newman

Class Teacher
Form 2

Keri Spreadborough

Class Teacher
Form 3

Gary Mayne

Class Teacher
Form 4

Catherine Robinson

Class Teacher
Wonder Class

Kelly Laws

Forest Schools & Mini-Enterprise Tutor
KS4 & KS5

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