Students in S5B have been studying a range of important people in an assortment of topics including, Forces in Science, Significant women in History and Poets and Significant authors in literacy. The students are given a comprehension text each week to answer questions on that will develop their inference and deduction skills. The students have additional BBC bitesize and You Tube links to follow and students are also encouraged to do their own research.  When the research is completed students make a Fact File/Poster in Word or PowerPoint formatting the document using a range of word processing skills they have learned (i.e. spelling and grammar checks, font preference, word art, importing and fixing graphics adding borders). Students will then attach and email the document for marking and feedback. The tasks involved practise those required to pass both Entry level skills in reading and writing comprehension and Entry Level skills in ICT whilst also developing independent research skills.‚Äč

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