Hello and welcome to Tiger Class. 

We are a mixed KS1 and KS2 class and we follow the SHINE curriculum, within the Cedar Pathway. In Tiger Class; our main focus is to develop our skills through communication and attention, physical development, social emotional and mental health, and cognition learning and we do this best by exploring a variety of multi-sensory experiences. We are an extremely lovable, friendly and cheeky class and we look forward to sharing some of our latest news with you.

In Tiger Class we focus on our communication and interaction in all aspects of our learning; these include snack/lunch time, group learning in Maths and English sessions, topic-based lessons such as sensory stories and Sensology and opportunities to take part in community-learning. In Tiger Class; we will also have a large focus on our physical development through programmes such as: MOVE, Active Ed and Physical Education. We really enjoy ending our day in Tiger Class, by celebrating our achievements - we get super excited to find out who the Tiger of the Day is!


News updates 

For Term 5 and 6; our Topic is Seaside. Throughout the rest of Term 5 and Term 6 we will be taking part in activities such as seaside sensory stories, packing for a virtual beach trip, tasting yummy seaside treats and making ice cream in Cookery! Within PSHE; we will be continuing with our focus on self-help skills, such as tooth-brushing, hair brushing and dressing/undressing. 
Each Monday or Tuesday (weather dependent!) we will continue to enjoy our Daily Mile walk - please bring in wheelchairs or buggies if required.

Some of us will enjoy our weekly leisure Hydrotherapy slots, so please look out for reminders in your child's contact book.

Tiger Class Topic Terms 5 and 6


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