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This is the home page for the Penguin and Polar Bear classes.

The vision for the Key Stage 2 Satellite classes based at Chartham Primary have a focus on inclusive learning and experiences. We would envisage that each child in both satellite classes would be accessing at least one inclusion lesson at Chartham Primary School.  We would also expect that that the children are involved in school assemblies, dinner time routines, playtimes, sports days, religious services, school plays and any extra-curricular activities. This would support each child with having a greater awareness of a wider community outside of St Nicholas School. At St Nicholas school the children would be accessing specialist teaching such as swimming lessons and would also get to socialise with their peers on site. 


There are currently 16 children in our satellite provision! We are a hard working, thoughtful, caring, funny, lively, kind group of individuals with varying needs. We are enjoying the opportunities, experiences and challenges that being based in a main stream school brings. 



Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all staying safe and well. Just to keep you updated, home learning packs were sent home with the children who were in school on Friday (March 20). Please take some time to work through these. For children who were not in school, home learning packs are currently being collated and will be sent through the post to reach you later this week.

I have emailed some parents with a list of websites your children can use for home learning. If I have your email addresses, I will email the remainder of the parents with all this information. In addition, I will be checking in with parents to see if they need any further home learning or help. I am available on julie.d@st-nicholas.kent.sch.uk. If you email me, can you please expect a response within the next 24 hours. Please stay in touch and send me photos of your children doing their home learning.

In addition, I would like to see the children work on these skills (please take photos):

  • Good self care – putting shoes on, buttons etc, doing up coats
  • Exercise (very important) – have a look on youtube for children’s workout videos or set up a circuit in your garden, or even kick a ball to each other
  • Cooking – making a sandwich, helping with tea and snack and drinks
  • Helping around the home – feeding pets, keeping room tidy, wiping tables
  • Writing a letter to a relative who they cannot see yet
  • Talking on Skype to a relative
  • Drawing a picture for a relative and posting it
  • Easter activities at home
  • Designing a game

Also can you keep all of the home learning ready to bring back to school when we re-open as normal. Also write on the work if your child has carried out this work independently or if help was given.

Many thanks and stay healthy,

Best wishes

Julie Dimech

Penguin class teacher




Polar express NEWS!

Please refer to the main school page for all current and ongoing information about the coronavirus and how this is impacting on your child.


Opportunities for home learning 

You will hopefully have received learning packs from your class teachers. These will have small maths, phonics and other tasks for your child. 

Below are a list of educational websites that we use at school some of which your children will be used too. 








We would also encourage outdoor learning for your child. To be able to cultivate awareness, knowledge, appreciation and concern for the natural environment and the effect of peoples actions upon it. 

For some great outdoor learning ideas please look at www.outdoorclassroomday.org.uk/resources/lesson-ideas/


The Penguin and Polar Bear class teams wish you all the very best and hope to see you all very soon.

If you wish to contact us - 

Julie - julie.d@st-nicholas.kent.sch.uk

Rose - rose-anne.w@st-nicholas.kent.sch.uk (maternity leave will start 30.4.2020)

Joanna - joanna.b@stnicholas.kent.sch.uk 
























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