Dear Parents and Carers

The year has been very busy and eventful and we will soon be adding to that our Christmas celebrations. I look forward to seeing many of you at the different events that are planned. As we have grown in size over the years it is becoming increasingly difficult to fit us all in the sports hall for the Carol Concert; so this year can I ask you to join us for carols and songs at St Mary Bredin on Tuesday 19 December instead?

The school was represented in the Canterbury Festival and the Shakespeare for Schools Festival at The Gulbenkian Theatre this month; the students again did us proud.

The school is committed to being actively involved in the community around us, with other schools, organisations and venues and this has been a very successful year for collaborations and partnerships. There are more planned for next year and I will keep informed.

One of these projects is with Kent County Council and is about resilience and mindfulness for children and which has enabled us to re-introduce music therapy in the school. There will also be a large Arts Project with Canterbury Christchurch University and other special schools in the New Year.

As the weather turns colder can I remind you of the snow day arrangements. The notice of school closure will appear on the Kent County Council website and be repeated on local radio. There will also be a text message plus a further message on the school website later in the day.

Parking at the school can be difficult at this time of the year - can I request when you visit you are respectful of our neighbours and park considerately.

Many thanks, seasonal greetings and best wishes for the New Year.


Daniel Lewis


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