Dear Parents and Carers 

Today we break up for the Christmas holiday. It has been the most difficult term we have experienced with many children's education disrupted by the impact of Covid-19. All of the classes in the main school have had to close early and it has been our satellite classes that have remained open until today. 

The Covid-19 mobile number will continue to be answered up until 23 December 2020 and then will be available again on Saturday 2 January 2021. This is if you need to alert us to a positive test result in this period by leaving a voice mail or a text on 07754 749691.

When school re-opens on Tuesday 5 January 2021 we may then also have to face additional difficulties resulting from the end of the transition period for the UK leaving the European Union. Kent County Council have alerted us to a period of disruption to trade, transport and services if there is no agreement between the UK and the EU. Even with an agreement there could well be this disruption. As soon as we become aware  of any problems relating to congestion on the roads that affects staff and children's journey times and safety we will contact you. Unfortunately this has the potential to add further disruption to your children's education. At present though we are not in a position to know what this might look like.

The government have told us that in January we should be able to begin the weekly rapid testing of staff in the secondary department. The government have also indicated that it could be possible to do daily testing for the pupils in secondary classes in the event of a positive case. We are not clear at the moment about how this would happen and how the tests would be administered safely and reliably given the special needs of your children.  I will keep you up to date with this as I get more information and when we start to receive the rapid test kits. 

It has been an extremely difficult year and I am very grateful for the support that you given to the school. We have really appreciated your understanding and patience as we have tried to manage the school in this pandemic and provide your children with a high quality education.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a positive New Year.

Best wishes