Dear Parents and Carers 
I want to update you on what has happened in school since the beginning of term with relation to our efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have a detailed Risk Assessment in place which recognises the numbers of vulnerable children we have in the school and the challenges we face in following social distancing guidelines. This is why we have said that when a child presents with a symptom of Covid-19 they must be collected from school to have a test and the rest of the bubble will go home until we have the result of that test. In doing this we feel we are doing our best to prevent the spread of the virus.
What has happened:
Following the above procedure we have had to close five classes (four primary and one secondary in the main school) with only one of them so far returning back to school when the test result was negative.
What we have learnt:
Firstly many children are already presenting with colds and flu like symptoms which then develop into high temperatures. It is very important that children and young people who are unwell do not come into school. Currently we are asking children who have colds to remain at home until they are over it and recovering.
Secondly the testing process is not straightforward and families are having difficulties accessing test centres or postal tests and when they have secured a test the results are taking longer than advertised to come back.
What we are going to do:
We are going to continually review the situation because we may have to change what we do so that it is less disruptive to the children's education and your family arrangements given that this situation looks like it will last for the forseeable future. If we move to a situation where we only ask for the child with the symptoms to be collected we will inform the rest of the class so that they will continue to have the option to keep their child at home until the test result is known. I am aware though that we will also need to be aware of the local infection rates and the possibilities of local lock-downs in making this decision as we do not wish to be in a situation where we are contributing to the spread of the virus.
Again can I thank you for your support and understanding in these challenging times.
Best wishes