Dear Parents and Carers 

The reopening of the school to all of our pupils has been very successful. We have welcomed into St Nicholas a number of new pupils and staff and they are already feeling part of our school community. We have new satellite classes at St Johns Primary School and Canterbury Primary school plus a new building on the Canterbury Academy campus for our secondary satellite classes based there. The preschool provision that used to be called The Mary Sheridan Centre and be on the hospital site has relocated to Parkside Community Primary School and given a new name of Caterpillar Class.

The new risk assessment and precautions we are taking to manage Covid-19 has already resulted in a number of class bubbles closing as a precautionary measure whilst we await the results of the Covid-19 test. Fortunately so far we have not had a positive test result back and those children and staff affected have been able to return to school. We do a temperature test at the beginning of the day so if a child or staff member has a high temperature it does not immediately affect the bubble they are part of. However, in the event that a child or member of staff develops a high temperature during the day we do need to close those bubbles as we want to ensure that we are not spreading the virus and potentially requiring the whole school to close. We are very aware of the numbers of clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely​ vulnerable pupils and staff we have in our school community and we will do all we can to avoid an outbreak here.

Keeping unwell children at home is a key part of our measures to combat the spread of the virus and I am grateful for your understanding and cooperation in supporting this particularly as we enter the colds and flu season.

If we were to have news of a positive test result we will follow the advice of PHE regarding the actions we need to take and keep you informed via this website.

Best wishes