Return to school in September

As requested by the government we have completed our risk assessment in preparation for all of the pupils to return to school in September. It is available for you to look at below. I know that many of you will have worries about whether it will be safe for your children to be back in the larger school community after such a long period of time staying at home. It will also be the case that the Covid 19 virus will still be present in our society. 

The return to school though is very important in the process of returning to normal life for all of us and the children in particular. The risk assessment outlines the precautionary measures we will be taking to manage these new circumstances. It is based upon preventative actions we can take to reduce the risks of infection. 

Most importantly, and this will need your support, any child who is unwell with the symptoms of the virus or whose family members are unwell cannot be in school or if it develops while they are in school will need to be collected. They will then need to have a test and if that is positive then the rest of the class and other contacts will need to isolate for 14 days. At the same time we will be asking that children with colds, flu and gastro-intestinal problems are also not at school until they have fully recovered. To keep to these strict measures has the potential to be very disruptive in the running of the school and for you in the planning of your lives. as the same measures will apply to the school staff  it may need classes to be temporarily closed as we may not have safe levels of staffing. This will be though the most effective way of restricting the spread of the virus and preventing more children and adults becoming unwell. 

We will also be implementing a number of enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures that will improve the cleanliness of the school during the day. We will also look to decrease the contacts between classes and not have larger gatherings like assemblies. We will have different arrangements for the beginning and end of the day to reduce the 'bottlenecks' that occur then as much as we can – KCC transport vehicles will arrive from 8.45 am each day and pupils bought in by family members from 9 am. Departure times will be 2.45 pm for transport vehicles and 3 pm for parents and carers. The satellite provisions will have timings dependent on the host sites’ policies – we will make you aware of these as soon as we hear more. Again I am asking for your support, if you bring and collect your child each day, with these new measures. 

We are aiming to get back to as near normal running of the school as soon as we can in the autumn so that the curriculum, interventions and programmes that are so important for your children are again part of their life. In addition we are looking forward to our school community being full of children interacting, learning and playing happily together again. 

I will add more information about September before the end of the term.

Thank you for your support

Best wishes


Risk Assessment