Today we  increased the number  of children in the school as we gradually move towards expanding our provision. This is in addition to the daycare provision that has been in place for ten weeks and which we will continue to provide for keyworkers and vulnerable children. 
This week it is children in the primary years and next week it will begin to extend into the secondary department – we are prioritising children coming up to key transitions in years 11 and 14; they will be based in our 6th Form Building at Canterbury College. These pupils will be coming into school part-time (from 11 am til 3 pm) and we will be monitoring the situation carefully to ensure the safety measures we have put in place are operating well.
I know that many of you are worried about sending your child back into school at this time and you want to see how things develop. I fully understand this and we will need to remain in contact so that we know what your views are.

Thank you for your support.