Coronavirus Update: Thursday


Last night the Government announced School closures for all UK schools, however there were exceptions to this directive.

The exceptions related to children of key workers and vulnerable children. For these children there needs to be a 'day-care' provision. This provision will be on the main school site as we will close all of the satellite provisions for the duration of this emergency.


Key workers have been defined as follows:

  • NHS Staff
  • Police & Emergency Service workers
  • Delivery drivers who need to deliver food and supplies such as petrol

Vulnerable Children have been defined as follows:

  • Any child with a social worker
  • Any child with an EHCP 

We are awaiting further guidance as to the complete list of key workers and which specific children with an EHCP the government are referring to.


I must emphasis not all children and young people who have an EHCP will be expected to attend school from Monday 23rd March 2020 and the government is anticipating this being a very small number. Our risk assessment is that our pupils are all vulnerable and ought to be self-isolating at home whilst the epidemic spreads and the numbers of those infected grows. There may be a small number of children who would be safer coming to the day care provision here rather than staying at home and we will be contacting you to discuss this further.


If you are a Key Worker and will need your child to attend school next week, we ask you to advise us by return and at the latest by 11.00 am tomorrow Friday 20th March. This will ensure that our contingency planning can be finalised. In the first instance please can you email the school stating the following:


  • Yes – My Child will attend ( Insert Name ) my profession is
  • I request the school to call me to discuss my circumstances further  (contact number please)

If you do require a call from the school a member of staff will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours to discuss your intentions.


If your child has an underlying health condition and/or you consider it is in the best interest of your family to keep your child at home for the duration of the epidemic please do so. This will not adversely affect your child's attendance record.


For those parents of students who have already chosen to keep their child at home, please continue to do so for the foreseeable future and continue to check the school website and school texts.


Can I also remind you that support materials for home-learning will be available from Monday and you can email your child's teacher with regards to them.


Thank you for your ongoing support during these most extraordinarily challenging times.