St Nicholas School, The Makaton Charity and Canterbury Christchurch University are leading an initiative to make Canterbury the first Makaton Friendly City in the UK and Kent the first Makaton Friendly County in the world.

Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills we need in life.  Almost everything we do involves communication; everyday tasks such as learning at school, asking for food and drink, sorting out problems, making friends and having fun. These all rely on our ability to communicate with each other.

The Makaton Friendly Scheme recognises local organisations that strive to make their services accessible to people who use Makaton to aid their communication.  They are passionate about communication and firmly believe that all children and adults with learning or communication difficulty should be able to access the same services and facilities as everyone else.

By signing up to the Makaton Friendly scheme, working in partnership with local families, groups and The Makaton Charity; you are making a meaningful change to improve the communication and inclusivity at your organisation.

There will be an open planning meeting held at St Nicholas School on 20 March at 4.30 pm for any person, representative or organisation who is interested in achieving these exciting aims.

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