Cygnet Course for Parents /Carers


What’s it about?

The Cygnet Course is for parents of a child/young person who has received a later diagnosis of Autism (aged 5-18 years) and would like to find out more about it.


What does the course cover?

The Cygnet Programme aims to give parents/carers information on Autism that reinforces what they are doing is OK and provide support and advice on Communication and Language needs, Sensory needs,  Understanding and supporting Behaviour in a supportive environment. 


Joining criteria

Child must have a confirmed diagnosis of ASD and must attend a Canterbury City or Canterbury Coastal school. Parents have not attended the Early Bird or Early Bird+ programmes.


When and Where?

To book a place on Cygnet, parents will need to contact their child's school and ask them to complete the 'Kent Parenting Programme Request Form', all School SENCos have this form.

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