St Nicholas' 6th Form Curriculum Vision

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  • Our Vision is to prepare our students for their chosen future educational pathway and enable them to transition to the next stage in their lives as successfully as possible.
  • Our curriculum will follow the students’ desired learning pathways which will be challenging and designed to develop and enrich their lives, personal skills, knowledge and independence.
  • Embedded at the heart of our curriculum will be Functional Skills English, Mathematics and ICT which are the building blocks for all other subjects.
  • The St. Nicholas at Canterbury College students will be taught in ability groups with a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum to give access for all.
  • We will provide a range of optional academic and vocational subjects which will include community visits, work-related learning and where appropriate, work experience.
  • We will continue to work in collaboration with external agencies such as Canterbury Academy, Canterbury College and Brogdale CIC who provide our young people with a variety of link courses and experiences.
  • We will incorporate the young peoples’ student voice, hopes and dreams and their individual targets into their personalised provisions by the choices and decisions that they will make.

Wherever possible and appropriate the courses the young people follow will lead to nationally recognised qualifications that enable their achievement and progression to be recognised.  For those students for whom it is deemed appropriate, the discrete OCR Functional Skills Mathematics, English and ICT exams will be taken at entry levels 1, 2 and 3.  These students will also be able to gain additional accreditation from the OCR Life and Living Skills modules, for other subjects at their level i.e. personal independence skills.  Other students will be working to acquire all their credits from the Life and Living Skills programme in all areas from pre-entry levels on a progressive continuum up to and including entry level 3.  Each module has a number of guided learning hours and will be timetabled accordingly.  The total number of credits acquired from these modules will determine the final award each student will attain in their final year at St. Nicholas.  This can range from an Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate or a full Diploma.  Whenever practicable students will be working towards attaining the Diploma.  In collaboration with other agencies, all students, whatever their abilities, will be given guidance and support in preparation for onward transition and for their future lives.

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